Components of our Safety Program
SEP - Seahorse Evaluation Program
 Sea Horse's Evaluation Program is a Behavior-based Safety Program using positive reinforcement to change unsafe behavior. The system:
  • Is employee-based for continuous improvement.
  • Analyzes tasks and hazards to identify critical safety behaviors.
  • Analyzes behavior based on job observation.
  • Uses feedback about safety performance as reinforcement.

Behavior-based Safety Principles:
  • Behavior is the cause of accidents.
  • Consequences motivate behavior.
  • What gets measured gets done.
  • Feedback is essential to improvement.
  • Quality is built-in early in the process.
  • Conversations change organizations.
How does Sea Horse Marine's BBS program work?
  • A process where workers routinely observe one another while working.
  • A checklist is used to guide the observer to focus on certain behaviors.
  • Record Observations and Comments on Checklist.
Observations and feedback benefits both observers and observees:

Being Observed: Observing Coworkers:
  • Heightened awareness
  • Learn through feedback
  • Learn through observation
  • Increase commitment
JSA - Job Safety Analysis
Job Safety Analysis is an approach to risk analysis and hazard identification preformed on any specific job or task that is to be completed. A "JSA" is developed to standardize safe work practices. This critique of work to be preformed is unique to each Job, vessel, and Master. This process is to be preformed as a tool to ensure pre-task planning is conducted and hazards are identified before performing non-routine, safety sensitive jobs.
SSE - Short Service Employee
Sea Horse Marine recognizes the need to confirm the transfer of certain aspects of an employee's duties at the time he or she is initially employed.

This program recognizes the new employee as one that has recently entered the maritime industry, as well as one that is recently employed by Sea Horse Marine.

The program developed to satisfy this need is entitled the "Short Service Employee Program" and demands that the Short Service Employee receive an orientation from the Vessel Master or a duly authorized member of the vessel crew to discuss and confirm orientation.



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