About Us

Sea Horse Marine, Inc. owns and operates supply vessels, and utility vessels that service the Gulf of Mexico. 

Primarily associated with production operations, the mini-supply and utility boats provide Sea Horse Marine with a diverse business mix within the marine industry. Our OSV's, as they are commonly called, are the provider of numerous products used in the offshore sector. Our OSV's range in length from 110' to 165'

Because of our diverse fleet, Sea Horse Marine has worked for many of the major producers as well as most of the independents. We have established a top reputation due to all Sea Horse Marine's operations being conducted by experienced, safety minded personnel. Sea Horse Marine takes pride in its well maintained vessels, the efficiency of its operations, its experienced crew members, and our excellent safety record.

Sea Horse Marine is headquartered in Lockport, Louisiana where it maintains an operations staff, sales staff, and warehouse facility.



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