Sea Horse Marine mandates that all activities be conducted in such a manner that the safety, health and well being of all employees, subcontractors, customers and other persons present on the worksite is given first priority, and that the protection and preservation of the environment be given equal priority.

Sea Horse Marine strives to achieve Incident Free Operation by demanding the execution of safe, constructive, and conscientious work practices and activities.

All incidents and activities, which have a negative impact on safety or the environment, can be prevented.

Employees, management, and other personnel on the work site are individually and collectively responsible for achieving an INCIDENT FREE OPERATION.

All hazards can be successfully dealt with and resolved, without incident, provided that appropriate measures, planning, communications and actions are recognized and carried out.

Training and education of all personnel enhances the outcome of any operation and influences each employee to work towards goals set forth in the Sea Horse Marine Safety & Environmental Policy



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